Music, Books, and Time Wasting

There have been a lot of things on my mind lately. In short three things have been coming up: music tastes, books, and social media.

In music taste, I’ve been finding that my friends have been arguing how their taste in music is completely and better than any other music. However, what I find weird is that their justification of it is that it is just because the opposing taste is just more “lame”. I don’t really find that response credible. What I think is that a certain genre of music can’t really be classified as better as another genre because everything is subjective in the sense that what appeals to one, might not appeal to another person. One can’t say rap is worse than rock because it doesn’t follow rock’s pattern, but it is a completely different genre. I still to alternative and experimental bands, but I occasionally divert myself and listen to whatever is playing on the top 40s. If you want some recommendations from my taste, I recommend Florence and the Machine and The Shins. Here’s Florence’s hit single : (http://www.vevo.com/watch/florence-and-the-machine/dog-days-are-over-2010-version/GBUV71000249)

In terms of literature, I’ve been trying to read (but I’m awfully busy right now), Paper Towns by John Green, and Sophie’s World Jostein Gaarder. They are both wonderful books. Paper Towns is a fantastically humorous, and subtly sorrowful, tale of boy meets girl. Sophie’s World is a take on a girl’s journey towards philosophy. I’ve been also reading a lot of poems from slammer Taylor Mali (www.taylormali.com). He’s got really nice touching poems, but rowdy language is in some of them, so be wise.

Also another thing is social media, and I’ve been remarking how nice the features of social networks bring us together, but it is so distracting. I find myself wasting time on blogging sites, and Facebook, with a care of other people’s lives more than what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s almost like a drug addicting, but I digress. My point is that while social media is very friendly, it’s easy to get sucked into and waste time with it.


127 Hours

I recently watched 127 Hours in theaters on Friday. I must say, that everyone should go see it. I heard of some critical acclaim that this movie was supposedly outstanding, and it is a must-see. None the less, I agree with that statement. It stars James Franco, and by the trailer (which you can see here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlhLOWTnVoQ) you can probably tell it's basically a solo act of him. I don't want to reveal too much, but it is a story of a man who goes on a trip through a canyon, of which no one comes to often, and as he is climbing, he slips on a rock, and is stuck in the canyon. The story then follows on what he does during that time. It may sound boring, but trust me, it will leave most people on the edge of their seats.
In other news, I am bringing up the topic of learning, and how some of us from Glenbrook North always strive for the honors classes, and the prestigious programs (purely on strategic gains on our transcripts). I am currently enrolled in an AP class that started this (2nd) semester. Personally, I had no interest in the subject, and I didn't want to take a class on this subject. However, one thing caught my eye when I was looking over a list of classes, Advanced Placement. Thinking to myself, "Oh, it will probably be as intense as Honors classes. I can manage!" Needless to say, I am absolutely clueless on what's going on within the classroom. Sure I read the textbook, and I do the homework. I just don't comprehend most of it, and my mind is on a feeble twig about to snap on how much more I can handle it. Then this thought emerged in my head, "Why did I take this class? I had no interest in it? I am just digging a deep hole for myself,". It just gave me the point that part of learning is identifying what is my level is, and evaluating how should I approach it. I'm not going to give up; I'm just going to simply deal with it.