This is Kind of Late (Blog Action Day and Other Things)

In spite of missing “Blog Action” day, I have decided to talk about water, and two things: books and theater.

Water is a fundamental necessity of humans. Without it, we can't produce energy, and we can't live. Some places are less fortunate that they don't have a supply of clean water, and they are suffering because of it. I'm not saying people who are more fortunate than them should feel bad about themselves, but I'd like to think that yes they don't live in the same conditions as us, but that's the situation at the moment. The situation, however, can change. Communities in countries with situations like these can develop into societies with better living conditions. There are different ways to help, and different fund raising efforts to help the cause (one of my favorites is : http://www.worldvision.org/)

The next thing I would like to talk about is theater. I have recently seen “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at the Metropolis Theater in Arlington Heights. Since I haven't seen the show before, I didn't have a prior judgment of the show. It was a dazzling show, regardless. I enjoyed the humor put into it, and I thought the set was cartoon-ish, but in a good way. However there were some drawbacks, like how the choreography was kind of over done, in a choppy “look at me, I'm dancing!” sort of way. Besides some of the small things, I thought some of the characters were memorable, and it was a fun night at the theater. I haven't been to a production in a while, so this was something fun.

Though, I like musicals, I never really thought/will probably not try out of them, because I can't sing well. Minus that, I still want to act. I've been preparing for my dramatic duet acting for speech, and I'm trying to memorize my lines, but since I have a major role (being a duet and all), all this memorization is tough.

Moving on from theater, I have begun re-reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. I absolutely adored this book, and I found it captivating and funny about a rambunctious set of friends who do crazy things together. It has some emotional parts, so I recommend it to young adults and even older adults who want an energetic reading. (His website: http://johngreenbooks.com/)

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