Twas a Night of Poetry

Yesterday, I went to a poetry slam called Louder than a Lawnmower. Honestly, it was the most riveting thing I've been to in a while. I competed, and being my first time competing in something in this sort, I was nervous. When it came my turn up to the mike, I stood firm and delivered with my choreography, articulation, and emotion. I recieved scores that were good, but I think the more important thing was the poem. I wanted to deliver my message, and I gave it my all. Poems are about having a say, and emotion, so I'm going to continue to write poetry to use it as an envelope for a message.

Read more about Louder than a Bomb (all of illinois Youth Poetry Festival): http://youngchicagoauthors.org/performances.html


A Year Older.

Birthdays- 3. a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something. (source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/birthday).

The beginning of something, eh?

Personally I thought birthdays were exciting up until this year. Before I felt, energetic, charismatic, and amazed that it was another year of my life completed. Parties were a must for me, and I always adored expensive presents; not going to lie. However, this year I didn't feel that much. Just the day before I actually forgot that the next day (November 17 if you are wondering), was my birthday. It wasn't really a priority on my hands. Sure, some people brag about how it's their birthday and its their day to mention that. I didn't bring it up that day, because I thought it wasn't a big deal, which it turned out to be once the teachers announced it in front of the whole class. Still, I didn't really feel that much joy out of a year older, mostly because I feel like that I've mentally grown months before, and I don't symbolize a birthday as a commemoration to that. Oh well.

The truth is, I've realized that birthdays aren't about presents, parties, and fame. There about growing older, and taking more responsibility. I felt like I had taken responsibility ages ago, so I probably didn't feel much. Yes I had a party, because I wanted to get my friends together, and yes I got presents, though I didn't really materially want anything. I sentimentally wanted the presents of people being with me in the future, and I know for certain I will always get that present.


Disappointment? More Like Encouragment.

Disappointment is a big part of life. One can try so hard at something, or wish for something to happen, and their hopes get crush. I've been recently disappointed in the past two weeks. I've recently tried out for our winter production: Comedy Sportz, and wasn't cast. I was bitter about it for about 2 minutes, then I realized that I needed to work harder at my acting, and not be so disheartened. I decided to focus on my skills for speech after that moment, which helped me though out because I had a speech tournament on November 6. I must say I loved it. I loved performing my radio broadcasting speech in front of people. I loved being in my suit, and strutting (so to speak) all over the school. I loved talking to people I would never meet again. I loved going down from the stands to bring home a 6th place medal. It was quite the experience.

Experiencing the whole tournament made me realize that there are other opportunities ahead of me. Because of this, I realized that my acting skills are weak, and with the aid of my friend I have decided to take an acting class with him in the later winter. I can't wait for it. I'm also going to try to opt out of my elective in high school to switch to drama. I wasn't dedicated to the elective I had at the moment: architecture. It was sort of a phase with me, which means to me that I was always debating if I liked it or not. With drama, performing, speeches, and such I'm filled with excitement. I'm always eager to perform; whether it's bad or not.

Relating this to you, reader, you must not over fret over little things like getting disappointed. Maybe you didn't make the basketball team, or maybe you didn't win a debate tournament, or maybe you aren't the best artist. You're who you are. Maybe people are better than you at what you like to do, but that doesn't mean you're bad at it. It's the perseverance and effort that counts.


Pride in Purple

This is a sensitive topic among many people, but I think since it's the end of ally week (http://www.allyweek.org/) I think this should be discussed. In the past month there have been 6 (and counting) suicides of people who have been bullied and harassed for being a different sexuality than others. I chose to blog about this because injustice against humans just gets me angry. You may agree with what I say, and if you don't agree with what I say then that is your opinion, and I respect that.

Sexual orientation isn't something one chooses. I personally have friends who are part of the LGBT community, and they don't why they are of a different sexuality, but one thing is for sure: they didn't choose to live that way. It just happened. Life just happened. I'm very interested in biology, so I came across many articles of this subject before. For example this (http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2156/11/62)

There was a study conducted in which female mice were experimented with. In this study it was shown that the female mice group in which a specific gene (fucose mutarotase) was missing showed behaviors that were of male mice. This brings up the question of sexual orientation preference is genetic. There are also many other countless cases of genetics, nature vs nurture, and such.

That's not the point though. The point is that every person a human knows, is a human themselves. We are just all humans with the same organ systems, living in the same world. We can't we respect each other because of that. First there were racial and gender barriers that caused a rift in society, and now this is an issue. I thought our country was founded on quality. In the constitution it says, “All men are created equal”. Had we just white out that part from our mindsets?

Every human deserves to live peacefully. Whether one is gay, straight, black, white, man, or woman, we are all humans, and should be treated as humans. Those six teens haven't been treated as humans. They were bullied because apparently being gay was “bad”. Those bullies aren't attached with hate, they learn to hate. As a teen myself, I can't help but notice what adults have as an impact on us. They are a major influence in our up bringing. So if the adult society pins not being heterosexual as “bad”, their kids will probably pin it as “bad” as well, and the bullies will have since risen.

Those kids took their lives because no one was there to support them, because no one knew they could support them. There are probably thousands of other situations like this, but if we can bring a generation of acceptance of all kinds of humans, then we know that it gets better

If there any troubled teens reading this, thinking that they are alone, don't worry because everything does get better:



This is Kind of Late (Blog Action Day and Other Things)

In spite of missing “Blog Action” day, I have decided to talk about water, and two things: books and theater.

Water is a fundamental necessity of humans. Without it, we can't produce energy, and we can't live. Some places are less fortunate that they don't have a supply of clean water, and they are suffering because of it. I'm not saying people who are more fortunate than them should feel bad about themselves, but I'd like to think that yes they don't live in the same conditions as us, but that's the situation at the moment. The situation, however, can change. Communities in countries with situations like these can develop into societies with better living conditions. There are different ways to help, and different fund raising efforts to help the cause (one of my favorites is : http://www.worldvision.org/)

The next thing I would like to talk about is theater. I have recently seen “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” at the Metropolis Theater in Arlington Heights. Since I haven't seen the show before, I didn't have a prior judgment of the show. It was a dazzling show, regardless. I enjoyed the humor put into it, and I thought the set was cartoon-ish, but in a good way. However there were some drawbacks, like how the choreography was kind of over done, in a choppy “look at me, I'm dancing!” sort of way. Besides some of the small things, I thought some of the characters were memorable, and it was a fun night at the theater. I haven't been to a production in a while, so this was something fun.

Though, I like musicals, I never really thought/will probably not try out of them, because I can't sing well. Minus that, I still want to act. I've been preparing for my dramatic duet acting for speech, and I'm trying to memorize my lines, but since I have a major role (being a duet and all), all this memorization is tough.

Moving on from theater, I have begun re-reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. I absolutely adored this book, and I found it captivating and funny about a rambunctious set of friends who do crazy things together. It has some emotional parts, so I recommend it to young adults and even older adults who want an energetic reading. (His website: http://johngreenbooks.com/)


An Introductory Piece

First, the name that people call me is Sunny. This name was given to me by my parents, and I don’t really know why I was given it, but names are just defining words. They are attached to us humans, but they don’t make humans. Besides my name being Sunny, I am interested in a lot of things about the world. Recently I have became interested in the world of theater (plays, acting, etc.). I was recently in our school's production of Air Guitar High. (link: http://www.communication.northwestern.edu/tic/performances/guitar.php) I was an ensemble (minor lines, multiple parts) member, but I quite enjoyed it because it was my first experience in theater.

Beside my new fascination with theater, I've been quite a human rights advocate type of person (discrimination of race, gender, sexuality, etc). I love all kinds of people, because they are humans. I will probably post more on rights of individuals. Also, I have this obscure fascination with biology. I just love the way the human body works, I will, again, post stories of things that I find interesting. I'm a pretty simple individual besides those qualities. I tend to be spontaneous sometimes to practice my improvisational, and multi-character skills for acting.