A Year Older.

Birthdays- 3. a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something. (source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/birthday).

The beginning of something, eh?

Personally I thought birthdays were exciting up until this year. Before I felt, energetic, charismatic, and amazed that it was another year of my life completed. Parties were a must for me, and I always adored expensive presents; not going to lie. However, this year I didn't feel that much. Just the day before I actually forgot that the next day (November 17 if you are wondering), was my birthday. It wasn't really a priority on my hands. Sure, some people brag about how it's their birthday and its their day to mention that. I didn't bring it up that day, because I thought it wasn't a big deal, which it turned out to be once the teachers announced it in front of the whole class. Still, I didn't really feel that much joy out of a year older, mostly because I feel like that I've mentally grown months before, and I don't symbolize a birthday as a commemoration to that. Oh well.

The truth is, I've realized that birthdays aren't about presents, parties, and fame. There about growing older, and taking more responsibility. I felt like I had taken responsibility ages ago, so I probably didn't feel much. Yes I had a party, because I wanted to get my friends together, and yes I got presents, though I didn't really materially want anything. I sentimentally wanted the presents of people being with me in the future, and I know for certain I will always get that present.


Disappointment? More Like Encouragment.

Disappointment is a big part of life. One can try so hard at something, or wish for something to happen, and their hopes get crush. I've been recently disappointed in the past two weeks. I've recently tried out for our winter production: Comedy Sportz, and wasn't cast. I was bitter about it for about 2 minutes, then I realized that I needed to work harder at my acting, and not be so disheartened. I decided to focus on my skills for speech after that moment, which helped me though out because I had a speech tournament on November 6. I must say I loved it. I loved performing my radio broadcasting speech in front of people. I loved being in my suit, and strutting (so to speak) all over the school. I loved talking to people I would never meet again. I loved going down from the stands to bring home a 6th place medal. It was quite the experience.

Experiencing the whole tournament made me realize that there are other opportunities ahead of me. Because of this, I realized that my acting skills are weak, and with the aid of my friend I have decided to take an acting class with him in the later winter. I can't wait for it. I'm also going to try to opt out of my elective in high school to switch to drama. I wasn't dedicated to the elective I had at the moment: architecture. It was sort of a phase with me, which means to me that I was always debating if I liked it or not. With drama, performing, speeches, and such I'm filled with excitement. I'm always eager to perform; whether it's bad or not.

Relating this to you, reader, you must not over fret over little things like getting disappointed. Maybe you didn't make the basketball team, or maybe you didn't win a debate tournament, or maybe you aren't the best artist. You're who you are. Maybe people are better than you at what you like to do, but that doesn't mean you're bad at it. It's the perseverance and effort that counts.