A Year Older.

Birthdays- 3. a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something. (source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/birthday).

The beginning of something, eh?

Personally I thought birthdays were exciting up until this year. Before I felt, energetic, charismatic, and amazed that it was another year of my life completed. Parties were a must for me, and I always adored expensive presents; not going to lie. However, this year I didn't feel that much. Just the day before I actually forgot that the next day (November 17 if you are wondering), was my birthday. It wasn't really a priority on my hands. Sure, some people brag about how it's their birthday and its their day to mention that. I didn't bring it up that day, because I thought it wasn't a big deal, which it turned out to be once the teachers announced it in front of the whole class. Still, I didn't really feel that much joy out of a year older, mostly because I feel like that I've mentally grown months before, and I don't symbolize a birthday as a commemoration to that. Oh well.

The truth is, I've realized that birthdays aren't about presents, parties, and fame. There about growing older, and taking more responsibility. I felt like I had taken responsibility ages ago, so I probably didn't feel much. Yes I had a party, because I wanted to get my friends together, and yes I got presents, though I didn't really materially want anything. I sentimentally wanted the presents of people being with me in the future, and I know for certain I will always get that present.

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